My name is Lee Alpha .. I am a singer and performing artist whose singing career spans many years. I have a diverse voice range, master many genres of music and love to perform live shows from time to time with my pet Boa. It is truly a special show when she appears!

I have been on the stage since I was 5 years old. Coming from a long legacy of musical talent and family in my background, It seems as if all my years growing, up I have always had music around me.

I remember as a little girl listening to this 10 piece band ..
To this little kid… ‘it was just magical!’ I soon found myself singing every where I could. Even into a hair brush! ..(lol) I said to myself then, I was gonna be on the stage one day. And as it turns out… that is where I am most comfortable.

I have worked around of some of the ‘greatest musical talents’ of this era. Legends. Lending their skills, time, lessons, talents and stage with me. Many have become a part of who I am musically today. They are like family.

This has been one hell of a ride! I am excited for the next chapter… Tiger Is so ready!

Once more thanks to all the fans that have been writing me!!!
I will be at a venue near all of you soon, so look out for me! And keep the crowd warm! ~ peace

Thanks everyone, God bless!
Lee Tiger Alpha!!!!